Sustainability & Misson

J'Jute was created as a luxury eco-conscience brand from its launch in 2017.

Jute is a natural fibre that sustainable & bio-degradable. J'Jute celebrates the natural beautiful elements of the Jute fibre. The brand launched with the intention of continuing to grow and learn about ways to be more eco-friendly. This is a continuous mission in which the brand is always learning and growing. J'Jute is always open to new ideas from our community on ways to do this. The health of our planet is a group mission and we have no ego in exploring ways to change and doing what is best for the good of all. 

No machines are used in the production of J'Jute. Every piece is handwoven from start to finish in India including the handmade and hand-sewn labels. 

Each basket is shipped in a durable and lightweight recycled and recyclable polypropylene bag. We are working on ways in which our shipping footprint can be even less than it is now.

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